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Set Firefox to Allow 10 Simultaneous Downloads
Written By: Administrator
Section: Guides

Category: Guides

2008-02-14 22:03:41
Just like Internet Explorer, Firefox has a default to only allow you to download only 2 items at the same time. Changing this, is not as simple as going into your Preferences and changing a setting…

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Add "Open Command Prompt" to the Right Click Menu
Written By: Administrator
Section: Guides

Category: Guides

2008-02-25 03:12:10
I have found that amongst Windows XP users, One of the least used tools, is the Right Click. Personally, if I cant right click on something, I almost feel as though my computer browsing has been crippled. To add the ability to open a command prompt from the right click menu, follow this guide.

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Make A Super Hidden Folder
Written By: Administrator
Section: Guides

Category: Guides

2008-06-16 12:57:46
You probably already know how to create just a plain hidden folder. It is super easy, you just right click on the folder and select Hidden then click Apply. The problem is that anyone with access to the computer can easily turn on the Show Hidden Files and Folders and then can easily see the folder you created. Well here is a trick that will get around this problem and create a invisible folder that has no text and no icon.

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Mousekeys – Navigate Your Computer Without A Mouse
Written By: Administrator
Section: Guides

Category: Guides

2008-06-26 02:44:47
This is a seldom used Windows XP feature that is sure to come in handy (probably when you least suspect it). I’m referring to Mousekeys, which when activated allows you to navigate the mouse cursor using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This type of knowledge can definitely help you out if you are ever in a situation where the mouse is inoperable.

There are a few ways we can open Mousekeys , I will show you 3 different ways…

Click backupreg_01.jpg, then backupreg_02.jpg.

Type control access.cpl,,4


then click backupreg_03.jpg

Here is a 2nd way to open Mousekeys

On your Keyboard Press the following Keys at the same time:



Finally here is the 3rd way to open Mousekeys

Click backupreg_01.jpg, then Go to CONTROL PANEL , then Go to ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS, then click on the MOUSE Tab

The Mousekeys will open. Depending on how you opened Mousekeys, you either have to check mark the box USE MOUSEKEYS , then click ok. (if you opened Mousekeys using the Left SHIFT+ALT+ NUMLOCK, then all you have to do is hit OK and Mousekeys will start) Once the Mousekeys is running simply use the arrow keys located on your numeric keypad (8 is up, 2 is down, 4 is left, and 6 is right).


To move the cursor simply tap on the arrows in the numeric keypad (if you hold down one of the arrows, it will move the cursor faster).

You will probably notice that the cursor moves incredibly slow, so one other thing I do is, when I open Mousekeys, I go into the Settings and adjust the speed all the way up.


Here is what you need to know to navigate with Mousekeys:

  • To move up, tap or hold down the 8 key on your numeric keypad

  • To move down, tap or hold down the 2 key on your numeric keypad

  • To move right, tap or hold down the 6 key on your numeric keypad

  • To move left, tap or hold down the 4 key on your numeric keypad

  • To Click on something, Hit the 5 key on your numeric keypad

  • To double-click, press the plus sign (+) on your numeric keypad

  • To right-click, press the minus sign (-) on your numeric keypad

  • To drag something, move the cursor to the item you want to drag then press the Insert key. Then to release the item hit the Delete key.

The Best Media Player (and it’s Free)
Written By: Administrator
Section: Guides

Category: Guides

2008-06-16 13:02:19
I stumbled across a media player that up until now, I had never even heard of. It was free so I downloaded and tried it out. It’s called GOM Player, and I was shocked by how great this player was (and no, I am not affiliate with GOM Player in any way shape or form…

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7 Deadly Sins Of Email -Deadly Sin #5
Written By: Administrator
Section: Guides

Category: Guides

2008-06-26 03:13:49
Please Note: This update is part of a series, The Seven Deadly Sins of Email, written by Squeezebox. This update includes the 5th instalment (of seven).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hate them, don’t you? All of those indent marks (vertical bold liners in HTML messages) just clutter the content up and make reading it disjointed. You can set your messages to leave out the indents as default.

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