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Mandriva 2007.1 Spring Powerpack rocks!

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:11 am
by GrayArray
I have reinstalled my Linux partitions with many different flavors of Linux in the past.  I was becoming real fond of Kubuntu Feisty Fawn when I discovered all that Mandriva 2007.1 offered.  It detected all of my drivers, allows me to run the Xgl stuff, Metisse runs flawlessly on my trouble laptop and it is extremely quick.  It also allows you to encrypt partitions on install, I like to encrypt my home partition, but I have to break in to unencrypt before login...  One more step of security!  Anyone else care to comment...  I'm mostly doing this to keep threads going in this sub-forum.

John  :insertlaugh:

Re: Mandriva 2007.1 Spring Powerpack rocks!

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:10 am
by Squeezebox
Made a mental note for when I get round to installing Linux on one or two machines.

Re: Mandriva 2007.1 Spring Powerpack rocks!

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:29 am
by GrayArray
Just Install 2 linux(es) on 1 machine, TRIPLE BOOT!!!!  :glupek2:  At one time I had WinXP Pro, Kubuntu, Fedora Core 5 and OpenBSD all on my laptop <- Specs:  AMD Athlon64, 2 GB RAM, 60GB HDD, and ATI Radeon Xpress 200M.

All booted wonderfully using the GRand Unified Bootloader aka GRUB.

hda1 = Windows = 15 GB
hda2 = OpenBSD = 9 GB split to = 8 GB / and ~ 1GB swap (I know, overkill for BSD)
hda3 = FAT32 Shared space =~ 15 GB
hda4 = Extended Partition
    hda5 = linux swap space = 512 MB (Still overkill with 2GB RAM)
    hda6 = FC5 / = 10 GB
    hda7 = Kubuntu / = 10 GB

Just thought this might help, getting the Linux(es) to behave and not use the other one's space was a bit tricky, but easily accomplished when you reinstall them both about 4 times, man I was getting tired of reinstalling.