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Moving XP Vista System Folders to Dynamic Volume?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:13 pm
by firecraker

I initially used hardware RAID 0 (fakeraid) to speed up my pc. However, I can't easily use linux due to drivers being closed source, and I feel that, atleast with my raid controller, hardware raid is infact slower than software raid, after doing alot of benchmarking.

I converted both discs in windows to dynamic, and created stripped volumes. The problem is Windows itself is on the simple system volume, and can't be installed on a stripped dynamic volume.

So, is there any way I can move, or, how much of the windows system folder and program files folder and documents and settings folder can I move onto the stripped dynamic volume and still have windows boot? How do I configure things so that programs, and any newly installed programs install into the folders on the dynamic volume?

i heard many accounts of it being possible, but I can't find anything on google.

lengthy instructions are no problem, actually desirable and greatly appreciated :)

Re: Moving XP Vista System Folders to Dynamic Volume?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:05 pm
by windowsxp550
You probably are not going to want to hear this...but I really would urge you to not try to move it and instead backup everything you need and wipe the drive(s) and freshly install.  I say this from experience...

Windows can be very particular when it comes to these types of moves.  Even moving something much less intrusive as you are planning usually ends up either making Windows unbootable/unrecoverable or severely degradation of performance.   

I have tried and have ended up regretting it.  I even tried moving just a user profile, so that the user profile would be the main one...and although it worked.  The system's performance was much slower.  I tried cleaning up files, registry, and defragging to no avail.    After all of that work, I ended up just doing what I had been trying to avoid (which was a complete wipe and fresh reinstall).

I know how much I did not want to have to do a complete wipe and fresh install, but after weeks & weeks of trying to get my system back to the same performance I had once had, I was more than willing.