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System restore

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:25 pm
by Adam5000
System restore doesn't work.  When I try to restore my computer to an earlier point, everything goes fine until the reboot.  When I reboot the computer, I get a message that says system can not be restored, no changes have been made.  Help!

Re: System restore

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:57 pm
by Squeezebox
This was posted by Essexboy, but your original post was 'hijacked' in dealing with another similar problem. Follow up his advice here, and post a reply:

A question.  Does the system restore have a series of restore points on it ?

If yes then

Please download Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) and save it to your Desktop.
  • Close all other windows before proceeding.
  • Double-click on dss.exe and follow the prompts.
  • When it has finished, dss will open two Notepads main.txt and extra.txt  -- please copy (CTRL+A and then CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) the contents of main.txt and extra.txt in your next reply.

Re: System restore

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:11 pm
by Squeezebox

Please don't post  in this topic, your problem has been split and moved to here: ... pic,1860.0

There's answer from Essexboy too!