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IE 7

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 4:38 pm
by mike02
i just recently installed IE 7 and dont like it at all.
I would like to reinstall IE7.

How do I do this and will I lose all of my bookmarks by going back to an older version

thanks in advance

Re: IE 7

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:02 pm
by Squeezebox
You can remove IE7 through Control Panel/Add & Remove Programs. Make sure that the 'Show Updates' box is ticked and scroll down the list till you find IE7.

The system will automatically revert back to IE6 - and your bookmarks should be saved too.

For a 'belt and braces' job there's two things you could do. First is to export your bookmarks to a file, then import into IE6 (if you need to).

The other option is to install either Opera or Firefox first. Import your bookmarks from IE7, then they are there to be imported back into IE6 if needed.

Personally, I would persevere with IE7, you'll probably get to like it eventually. I use Opera and Firefox in preference to IE7, but I use IE7 too. It depends what I'm doing, but each one has things to offer. Opera is my favourite, but FF is needed for certain sites I use.

Re: IE 7

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:47 pm
by mike02
i guess i did it wrong
Essexboy wanted to see the results of utility program I lost becasue my system restore
doesn't work anymore

Re: IE 7

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:51 pm
by Essexboy
Hi mike response is here ... pic,1860.0

What problems are you having with IE7

Re: IE 7

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2007 10:18 am
by malvachat
You could also upgrade to IE7 Pro.
If only for the Super Drag and Drop bit.