Problem with start up

For any issues about XP installation, or problems with it starting/shutting down.
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Problem with start up

Post by JeffDawg933 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:15 pm

Alright I've got an old system that I put back together. It's an older eMachines but anyways I formatted the hard drive with another computer I have and then I installed it back on the eMachines and tried to load windows but everytime it'd tell me NTLDR is missing (press ctrl alt delete to restart) so I took the hard drive and put it back on my other computer and installed windows on it and then transfered it back to the eMachines, now when I go to boot it sends me to the boot menu and tells me windows didn't start up properly the last time blah blah blah and no matter what option I press it restarts and does the same thing. Then I went into bios and changed the boot priority and tried to get the CD to boot but it doesn't boot from the CD and it asks the same thing in the boot menu and then restarts.

What kind of info do you guys need or can you help based off what little info I gave you?


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Re: Problem with start up

Post by Squeezebox » Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:24 pm

You can't install XP on one machine then transfer the drive to another. You have to install Windows onto the drive in the machine it's intended for.

You will need to make sure the hard drive is properly recognised in BIOS first.
Then set your BIOS to boot from CD as first option.

You will need to delete any existing partion, create new partition(s) and then format/install. All from the CD.

Just in case, have a read through the page below that covers causes of "NTLDR is missing errors".

Detailed instructions about installing XP can be found at the sites below: ... raphic.htm
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