We have a few rules that we'd like you to observe. Please check here before you register.
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Forum Rules

We don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the forum, so a few rules and guidelines are necessary. If you join up, you are agreeing to keep within the rules.

1. Please don’t post anything that could be considered obscene, sexually-orientated, threatening, racist, threatening or hateful. No swearing. Exercise the same restraints when choosing user names, avatars and signatures or when posting images

2. There will be times when others post opinions and ideas that are different to yours. Be thoughtful and considerate in how you respond. We don’t want to see any personal attacks, rudeness, insults to others or arguments. (No flaming, in other words.)

3. Try to keep your posts within context of the topic.

4. Commercial advertising or selling is not permitted.

5. No links to any sites offering files sharing should be posted. This includes music sharing, illegal software, movies etc.

6. Assume that material elsewhere on the Internet is copyright, which means you shouldn’t copy and paste articles without including a link to the source and placing the article within a quote. You could, alternatively, just post a link to the article.

6. No spam posting!

7. No pornography links.

8. If you have any problems or issues, please use the personal messaging facilities to contact an administrator or moderator. We will do our best to resolve issues fairly and sensibly.

9. Occasionally, topics may be posted in an inappropriate forum. Moderators may move topics to the appropriate place – the originator will be notified if this happens. You can of course request a topic to be moved to another forum by contacting a moderator or administrator.

10. We cannot accept responsibility for any consequences of you following advice obtained from these forums. Solutions and suggestions are made by individuals and are offered in good faith. You should ensure that you use good computing practices and understand the changes you make as a result of following any advice obtained.

We reserve the right to remove content or people as appropriate to protect the integrity of the forum.