Getting the latest updates.

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Getting the latest updates.

Post by malvachat » Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:37 pm

I have been using Secunia Software Inspector for a little while from the site.

So I thought I'd try the program.

It works really well and even directs you to the sites to update.
This morning it told me about microwsoft updates before the update tool told me.
Also it told me to update Java to update 4 when the Java on my machine says I have the latest update.It did the same last week for a few programs I have.

Also I came across this uninstaler that also works really well.
Best thing it always creates a restore point when ever you use it.
It uses the program own installer first then directs you to the removal of the registry entries as well.
You have complete control to chose.
I've used it to uninstall a lot of programs this last week with no problems at all.
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