Maintenance Tasks

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Maintenance Tasks

Post by bobmad » Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:47 pm

Couldn't find a post like this so, I'll try to start one.

Frequently (I do these monthly, depending on usage):
  Error Check (right click on drive, properties tools  "Check Now" check both boxes and restart machine)

  CCleaner  (3rd party freeware application Clean

  CCleaner  (3rd party freeware application Issues (repeat{scan and fix} until 0 issues found)

  SFC /scannow (start run "sfc /scannow) (info can be found on this site System File Checker - An XP Maintenance Utility?

  Spybot search and destroy (3rd party application from (update, immunize and search for spy ware)

  Defragment  (right click on drive, properties tools "Defragment Now"

  Create a restore point

I also weekly
  Check patches from Micro$oft
  make sure my virus definitions are current (I'm set to daily get updated)

Alright people, is this an adequate list?  I know some prefer other products to spybot S&D, and CCleaner.... am I missing something important?

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Re: Maintenance Tasks

Post by Essexboy » Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:59 pm

Weekly spyware run with the tool of your choice I prefer Superantispyware unfortunately spybot S&D is getting a bit long in the tooth

I have my AV set to run as a screensaver, so over the week I will usually get 2 scans

For a real good clean use ATF weekly
Avast (of course)

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