Repair Install XP + a slipstreamed XP

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Repair Install XP + a slipstreamed XP

Post by Essexboy » Sat Oct 01, 2005 1:02 pm

Re-installation of Windows XP

1. If your windows XP disc is SP2 then go to step 6. If not download the following programmes
Autostreamer, Isobuster, these programmes may be found by using google
2. If your disc is not partitioned then a suggested setup is as follows (e.g.) 80GB HDD split as 10GB C: partition for Windows 20GB partition D: for data i.e. my documents, mail store. E: partition 50GB for backup data, media files,etc

3. To Autostream you need your master XPSP1 disc in one cd/dvd drive and the service pack 2 in a second cd/dvd drive if you do not have a second drive then copy XPSP2 to a partition on your HDD in a folder called sp2 or whatever.

4. Fire up Auto stream and firstly it will check your current version and status of windows then ask to be pointed your instalation cd setup.exe (SP1 version) this may take a few minutes, on completion it will ask you to point to the SP2 setup.exe. Once you have finished answering the next questions go and get a cup of coffee. On completion you will have an ISO setup on your HDD
5. Fire up ISO buster and extract all files to any folder you desire then burn a bootable cd using your favourite cd burner. Or as I do leave the extracted files on my E: drive as XPStream.

6. Next download and save to cd or HDD partition the following programmes ZoneAlarm free or your choice of firewall), Avast Home ( or your choice of Antivirus), Spywareblaster, Latest drivers for Audio and Video, Autopatcher XP (latest version issued monthly), OEbackup free and MS Antispy.

7. Autopatcher XP comes in 2 flavours lite - which only contains critical updates average size 75MB or full which is 150MB and includes lot of goodies -WMP10, Net framework and patches JRE latest version and some good utilities, the web site has a full list of included programmes but you have the option of installing only what you want.

8. Use OEbackup to backup all your identities and mail to cd.

9. Use the files and settings transfer wizard (part of windows) to extract and save all your settings i.e. your folder settings and preferences.

10. Insert your new cd (or run from HDD) your new streamed windows, select the advanced option (you select partition and name, this will enable you to partition and format your drive at the start).

11. Run through the usual windows installation process.

12. On completion install motherboard drivers.

13. Run Autopatcher and select as few or as many of the options as you wish, but install all of the security patches.

14. Next install video and Audio drivers

15. Now install the firewall, Av, MS Antispy and Spywareblaster.

16. Now you are ready to install your modem and go online secure in the knowledge that you are protected from the start.

This is the brief version for more details please ask
Avast (of course)

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Repair Install XP + a slipstreamed XP

Post by Squeezebox » Fri Jan 06, 2006 4:55 pm

Instructions for using Autostreamer and a link to download it are here: ... eamer.html

Isobuster isn't freeware, although you can download a limited function shareware version. Download from here:

A fully detailed guide to repair installs is available here: