Event Viewer Redirection Registry Hack

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Event Viewer Redirection Registry Hack

Post by John McKenna » Sat Apr 29, 2006 3:00 pm

For those of you not familiar with the Event Viewer, it's a feature of Windows XP which logs system errors as they occur on your computer. Put simply, if your computer crashes, there will usually be an entry in the Event Viewer logs which lists the source of the system error. This is extremely handy when troubleshooting problems.

To check the Event Viewer logs, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

Look in the Application and System logs for errors (signified by a red circle with a white cross).

Double-click each of these error symbols to bring up the Event Properties window like this:


The Problem

If you look at the image, you'll see a URL link in the middle of the window which is supposed to take you to further information about the problem. Unfortunately, the link usually goes to a blank page with no further information available. This of course is rather pointless when you need to troubleshoot the "Event ID" and "Source" of the problem.

The Remedy

* Please note this registry fix is for Windows XP ONLY.

Basically, the regfix will redirect the URL link to the www.eventid.net search engine.

Download EventViewerRedirect.reg to your desktop.

Double-click EventViewerRedirect.reg and confirm you wish to add the contents to your registry when prompted.


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