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Resurrecting PCs One At A Time

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Windows Vista - Is Your System Capable of Running Vista? PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
With Windows Vista's approaching launch, you probably have asked yourself, will my current system be able to run Windows Vista. Up until recently, we could only go based off of a rough estimate that Microsoft provided. Well, now Microsoft has provided us with a handy little tool that will scan your pc and report to you if your system meets the minimum requirements to run Vista.
Create a Copy of a Users Profile PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
One of the new features that Windows XP offers is the ability to have separate settings for each user, this is called a ‘User Profile’. Contained in a ‘User Profile’ are desktop settings, favorites, program-specific data that is contained in the Application Data folder, and the contents of the My Documents folder for that user. Obviously this is pretty important and would be something that you should be making occasional backups of. This guide will show you how to create a copy of a users profile (by creating a copy you are creating a backup).
Locate the Windows Product Key on the XP Installation CD PDF Print E-mail
(2 - user rating)
Written by mypchell.com   
Imagine the following scenario: your Windows XP system somehow becomes unbootable and after exhausting all possible fixes, you determine that you are going to have to wipe your hard drive and start over with a fresh install of Windows XP. You look and find your Windows XP CD in your ...(Continued)
Customize The Title Text for Internet Explorer PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Want to add a personal touch to your browser? This guide will show you how to change the default text in Internet Explorer’s title bar to anything you want. So you could have it read – John’s Crappy Internet Browser.
Bookmarks - Scan For Dead Links PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Attention: This tip is one that you will definitely want to read up about. It addresses a problem that has irritated me (and I'm sure it has irritated you) for quite a long time. The problem is keeping your internet favorites (ie. Bookmarks) more organized by deleting out old ones that no longer work.

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